From Payday Loans To Paid Off Homes by Flipping Houses

Colby Hager

This is me with my Amazing family. This is the story of how we overcame great financial odds. In 2009, I had just moved to San Antonio, TX with my wife and my 9 month old daughter.  My wife was starting a new job and I was working a dead-end job driving an hour each way and working 10 hour days.  Not a good situation.  To add to that, I wasn’t paid well and debt was piling on.  Even though times were hard, I had no idea that chaos was truly about to rear its ugly head.  Keep reading to see how bad it got and how Flipping saved my family from destruction

Our goal is to share the knowledge we have gained by going through the process of selling pre-flips, flipping houses, and buying rental properties. Here, we share all of our secrets we have learned in the past. The list of articles keeps growing so keep checking back for more.

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Our Process Is Proven And Can Work For You Too

Are you stuck in a losing situation? Do you know that you are destined for more? Get in touch to see how we can help you reach your goals. 

Selling Pre-Flips

This is where most people begin their journey of flipping houses. It is the natural first step. Find out why!

Flipping Houses

This was my bread and butter. You don’t know real estate until you have flipped a junker into a beauty. Higher Risk and Higher Rewards!

Buy and Hold BRRRR

This is where we should ultimately end up. Once you have sold pre-flips and flips, BRRRR is the secret sauce!

Become Free By Making A Change

Now is the time to make a change and shift directions. A shift in mindset happens in an instant. It may take a long time for you to get to the point of making the shift, but once you make the change, there’s no turning back. Think of what life can be like!

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