The Building Blocks Of The Flipsteps

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Selling Pre-Flips

This is where most people begin their journey of flipping houses. It is the natural first step. Find out why!

Flipping Houses

This was my bread and butter. You don’t know real estate until you have flipped a junker into a beauty. Higher Risk and Higher Rewards!

Buy and Hold BRRRR

This is where we should ultimately end up. Once you have sold pre-flips and flips, BRRRR is the secret sauce!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Are Flipsteps?

The Flipsteps is a process within the world of real estate investing. The process is designed to teach beginners how to enter the world of flipping houses to get on a path of financial independence.

Will They Work For Me?

The Flipsteps are simple…but not easy. There is hardwork and dedication that is required. Having said that, if you are committed, they can work for you.

How Can I learn The Flipsteps?

There are many ways you can learn the Flipsteps. We have developed a sequence that we feel is the most advantageous for the beginning investor. We encourage your to check out our blog to start off.

How Can You Help?

We help individuals on a case by case basis and tailor our help to your needs. Want to learn more? Reach out!

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